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Your Last Will and Testament directs your personal representative to distribute your real estate and personal property after your death as specified in the Will. Michigan law allows you to attach a list of personal property you want gifted to specific individuals. A Will also allows you to designate a guardian and conservator for your children should their parents be deceased.

The Last Will and Testament is known as a “pour over” will. In essence, the will directs your personal representative to transfer your probate assets, if any, to the Trust upon your passing. You will need to appoint a personal representative to administer your estate in Probate Court if court action is necessary. I also recommend you name an alternate personal representative in the event your first-named personal representative is unable or unwilling to perform estate administration services. In your Wills, I advise you to identify the guardian and conservator for your minor children.

General Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Matters. 

This document appoints and empowers an agent or attorney-in-fact to act with respect to your financial affairs in the event you are unable to do so because of disability or unavailability.  If a trusted person is available, I advise you to appoint an alternate agent in the event the appointed person (the opposite spouse) is unable or unwilling to perform his/her duties. A General Durable Power of Attorney is crucial for avoiding the expense and hassle of obtaining a conservator through the Probate Court should you become incompetent. Please keep in mind marriage does not authorize one spouse to act for the other.

Durable Power of Attorney for Medical Care Decisions.

This document designates an individual and an alternate, if you so choose, as a patient advocate who makes important medical decisions for you in the event your physical or mental condition makes you unable to make such decisions. Also, the document allows for the withdrawal of life support including nutrition and hydration should you desire this option. It is often very convenient to name a successor patient advocate, such as a trusted relative or friend. Additionally, this document contains an anatomical gift provision. This provision can be deleted at your election. Your patient advocates must sign an Acceptance of Designation as Patient Advocate. This document indicates the designated person(s) accepts the responsibility of serving as your patient advocate. This Power of Attorney for Medical Care Decisions is essential to avoid the expense and delay of requesting the Probate Court to appoint a guardian for you in case you become incompetent.

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